The new web-based version of MyEasyVision® allows you to manage in real time every aspects of your video meeting from any devices anywhere in the world and always fully secured.

MyEasyVision® is compatible with any manufacturer and runs on every network.

MyEasyVision® is a unique interface designed to make everything easy : Scheduling, Managing and Reporting

« MyEasyVision® videoconferencing made easy »
MyEasyVision, a software to manage easily your conferences! MyEasyVision offers multiple functions: you can book and manage a videoconference, or access to usage statistics!

With MyEasyVision, managing a videoconference: it’s a piece of cake!
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MyEasyVision™ #web

MyEasyVision™ Videoconferencing made easy!


 MyEasyVision® is a web based video conferencing platforme for adminsitrator and end user. This online solution allows end users & administrators to live a great experience based on monitoring, efficiency and security. With MyEasyVision® each company meets IT department expectations.



 This web based video conferencing portal is built on a scalable architecture with various modules to create an optimized experience for end users and administrtors:




• Customize your own dashboard using Widgets
• Start your videoconference now or schedule it later
• Manage your videoconference


• Allow users and administrators to see all videoconferences using calendars (meeting rooms, virtual rooms, contacts)
• Use multiple filters to easily find a videoconference


• You can schedule your videoconference immediately or later
• Once you choose all participants, easily select next time slot available
• Your guests will receive an email with all informations you need to setup the connexion (Audio, Video)


• Our own virtual remote allow you to take control on your videoconference
• Monitoring mode give you real time management features regarding all videoconferences
• Take note using MyEasyVision and synchronise them with Google Drive or Evernote


• Record and view all videoconference on MyEasyVision
• Improve collaboration by sharing video and live meeting


• Get an overview on your ROI thanks to our analytics reports
• Build your own reports and extract data to Excel sheets




MyEasyVision and the market:



No Software, no web Plug in download


No Hardware - No Software

“Any devices anywhere anytime /Accessible pc smarthphone tablette “ SaaS !

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