Dedicated or on demand access to a virtual room on a highly secure platform, with no limitations in terms of infrastructure :

  • So you can arrange meetings involving two, three, four or dozens of participants
  • So you can connect your workforce, your partners and your customers without worrying about hardware compatibility
  • So you can hold videoconferences without investing in network hardware or technical resources
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  • Technical tests
  • Multilingual support service available 24/7
  • Remote connection of the participants
  • Configuration management
  • Monitoring and remote assistance

Our platform

With videoconferencing and telepresence "as a service": make the most of a comprehensive range of services, without investing!

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What can I use MyEasyConnection™ for ?

Using G2J's virtual rooms, you can connect all these people to the same meeting :

Simply reserve your virtual room in your extranet space, or call a VideoConcierge.
You then have a choice :

  • Take advantage of our VideoConciergerie service to connect all the participants.
  • Handle the connections yourself. You are given a number and a password to be used by all the participants. Everyone calls the number, and the videoconference can start in complete security.

What are the benefits of MyEasyConnection™ ?

A universal platform supporting all technologies and endpoints

Your PC is on an IP network. Your videoconferencing and telepresence endpoints are contained in a VPN network. And your smartphone connects to an ISDN network.
Our virtual rooms make it easy for all endpoints – and all their protocols – to talk to each other with higher quality.

No investment necessary a rental service is available

G2J can provide you with all the resources you need to stage your videoconferences. We invest heavily in infrastructure so that you get the benefit. You are free to use our platform whenever and however you want.

An infrastructure tailored to your needs, managed and monitored by G2J's team of experts

Our teams control, monitor and manage your virtual rooms, guaranteeing total availability. Our expert technicians take care of everything – from initial configuration and testing, to connecting, real-time support, follow-up and reporting.

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