From the moment you buy your equipment to the moment you manage your infrastructure, G2J is the only videoconferencing specialist that is able to offer a full range of services – helping you to set up remote meetings simply and securely all over the world, whatever your access method and your equipment.
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Videoconferencing services by G2J

G2J, services on demand

Wheter you are a videoconferencing manager, administrator or user;G2J, it's a turnkey service so that you can hold your distance meeting easily.

Looking for security, confidentiality, interoperability, and a return on your investment? Willing to concentrate on the important thing, your meeting? Find out how G2J can become one of your reliable partner and turn videoconferencing into a driver of success.

Services to equip your meetings and manage your infrastructures

  • Infrastructure management

    Deleguate infrastructure management to our team of experts 
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  • Sales and rental of equipment

    To have your own equipment and network infrastructure 
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  • Training

    To have a leverage on videoconferencing and telepresence
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  • Auditing and counseling

    To make the best choices regarding equipement and services 
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MyEasyVision® : Manage easily your meetings!



MyEasyVision® works with all equipment and infrastructure!

MyEasyVision® is either installed on your company VPN or offered in SaaS mode. You can use it to reserve and manage videoconferences and equipment, regardless of the brand of endpoint you are using.




For Users :

MyEasyVision® offers many features that fit with your existing environment.

MyEasyVision CheckPlan meetings, access the company calendar
CheckBook room and ressources
CheckManage the connections and participants : change video layouts, turn on/off micros and cameras, connect and disconnect the sites, record videoconferences, send privates messages, close the conference
CheckMaps with connected sites


For Administrators :

MyEasyVision® improve yout visibility on all endpoints and bookings

CheckManage directories of rooms & your entire Video Infrastructure (endpoints, MCUs, participants, users, ...)
CheckSupervise the endpoints remotely, follow and solve incidents
CheckSchedule Rooms, Creating Virtual Rooms, Allocating & Dedicating Ports…
CheckManage your Infrastructure (MCU, Endpoints, Users…)
CheckDetermine your own ROI : Accurate Reporting and statistics
CheckMonitor incident ticketing online without having to download any software
CheckAccess interactive & dynamics maps with connected sites





MyEasyVision™ and the market:

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