From the moment you buy your equipment to the moment you manage your infrastructure, G2J is the only videoconferencing specialist that is able to offer a full range of services – helping you to set up remote meetings simply and securely all over the world, whatever your access method and your equipment.
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Videoconferencing services by G2J

G2J, services on demand

Wheter you are a videoconferencing manager, administrator or user;G2J, it's a turnkey service so that you can hold your distance meeting easily.

Looking for security, confidentiality, interoperability, and a return on your investment? Willing to concentrate on the important thing, your meeting? Find out how G2J can become one of your reliable partner and turn videoconferencing into a driver of success.

Services to equip your meetings and manage your infrastructures

  • Infrastructure management

    Deleguate infrastructure management to our team of experts 
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  • Sales and rental of equipment

    To have your own equipment and network infrastructure 
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  • Training

    To have a leverage on videoconferencing and telepresence
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  • Auditing and counseling

    To make the best choices regarding equipement and services 
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