Videoconferencing and telepresence – a new way of doing meetings

What can videoconferencing and telepresence add to your business ?

People are finding new ways of doing business, and communication technologies are evolving to offer you greater flexibility.

The focus is increasingly international, with partners, workforce and customers spread across the globe – videoconferencing and telepresence allow you to carry on communicating with them as if they were just next door.

An important meeting with your CEO? A big contract with a partner?

Find out how videoconferencing , telepresence and G2J let you see the things you can't see on the telephone, without the need for exhausting and costly travel.

G2J, moving videoconferencing to the next level!

G2J: A range of videoconferencing and telepresence solutions

Interested in videoconferencing but not sure where to start?

G2J offers three innovative solutions for business customers, enabling them to hold meetings without investing in network infrastructure:

  • MyEasyConnection : A universal platform which you can rent for your meeting. Developed and managed by our videoconferencing experts, it is compatible with all hardware.
  • MyEasyRoom : 4,500 rooms are at your disposal throughout the world.
  • MyEasyCast : A mobile team that equips your conference, exhibition or AGM with videoconferencing and telepresence. Speakers are covered by videoconferencing and telepresence, and your event is streamed throughout the world.

Join Bridget, George, Lisa and David and the 300,000 others who use G2J videoconferencing and telepresence every year.

G2J: VideoConciergerie – connecting you and managing your videoconferences

You are a telepresence user, but are you completely relaxed when the time comes to connect ?

You might have the endpoints and a network, but at G2J we don't think this is enough to turn videoconferencing into an engine of performance in your company.

Whether or not you own a videoconferencing infrastructure, G2J places teams of VideoConcierges at your service to support you throughout the videoconference.

The VideoConcierges will make you forget any technical imperfections, handling everything from preliminary testing, through establishing the connection and preventing network interruptions, to final reporting.

Use the Videoconciergerie and see for yourself how easy videoconferencing and telepresence can be

Virtual tour of a MyEasyRoom center

What can I expect from a MyEasyRoom videoconferencing and telepresence room ?

MyEasyRoom is a fully equipped videoconferencing and telepresence room for meetings away from the office.

MyEasyRoom is a way for your partners to join in with a videoconference arranged by your company, even if they do not have the equipment.

MyEasyRoom is a network of rooms through the world, to communicate with the world.

Discover our Paris centre, and enter the virtual and real world of G2J.

VNOC Agent - G2J

Videoconciergerie among our customers

"We always deliver a high-quality expert service" Firdaush Ginowrie, a G2J VideoConcierge, describes his work with one of G2J's prestigious customers.